Destiny First-Look Alpha, Impressions

To some of you who jumped on it quickly you may have received a code to join this weekend’s Destiny First-Look Alpha event.  I was one of the fortunate ones who got a code, and let me tell you face first, I like it, but I don’t love it.  Now granted this is just the Alpha, and there is likely a lot of stuff that is locked or unavailable, but I did get to spend some time running around Old Russia and playing a touch of story.  At first glance its easy to say that this game is beautiful, and playing on the PS4 may be part of it but the Bungie is a great team known for doing great work so it doesn’t surprise me to know that the sights and sounds of Destiny are first-rate.  The story and free roam portions were interesting to explore, and I love having Peter Dinklage (Tyrion, Bolivar Trask) as my guide… my Cortana you might say.  The shooting is fairly standard fair, and the enemies are varied and interesting enough that I never got bored of playing. However it doesn’t seem to grab me, which may just be me, may just be the Alpha-version of this game.  I didn’t find myself needing to continue playing it over something else and in fact I did take a break from playing for other games.  This small slice of the game does intrigue me however, and I am now looking forward to the Beta in order to get a broader sense of the game and see what the game looks like then.  While some have said that Destiny is ‘a non-exclusive Halo’ they may be true, as the only comparison I have is gameplay videos and Red vs Blue however I cannot really compare the two games, except to say that the setting for this Alpha is on Earth, even if there are moments where you are in space.  Overall I’m interested to see more, but right now this is not a ‘must-buy’ for me.

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